Rebranding KBG Servers

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KILLER BADGER GAMING!!! oh wait... that's still KBG...
But seriously, a rebrand sounds good.
Maybe you could name the company to something like "<Something> Hosting" and segregate the Minecraft and WOW stuff under KBG or maybe a new name.
For example "Killer Badger Gaming" powered by "Titans Hand Hosting".


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#6 this makes them think a bit about it at least, so it could stick longer in peoples minds. I wish i could come up with something more punny, but this seems particulary difficult.


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I voted Hivehosted, I don't like it alot but it looked the best option, when creating a branding name one should follow few simple rules, rule one: it should be easy, rule two: it should make reminescence to some form of archetipical human idea, rule three: it should not contain any negative or violent word. killer is usually a negative word and might be best to avoid it for a large brandization, for the archetipical human idea the hexagon and the hive might be a good idea.


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#13 (Killer OF bees?)

Really depends on how far you're looking to push the rebranding, there are a lot of things you could go with for bee-related server hosting.