Nvidea FPS boost and 4k mouse acceleration (Win 10)

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Tree Puncher
So i have bought a new gaming computer, but my fps weirdly still stayed on 30 and the mouse controls started to feel off, so i decided to do some research and i have found solutions.
First off the NVidea fps boost:
Simply rightclick Technic Launcher, then select "Run with graphics processor" and select your graphic card.
This has boosted my FPS to 120, from 30.
Now the second one was a problem with the mouse accelleration with minecraft on a 4k screen (maybe win10 only), i have fixed this by downloading optifine and setting minecraft to 1600x900 fullscreen (ESC ->
Options -> Video Settings -> other).
I dont know if these options work on other computers too, feel free to try it out.